Yellow Jackets - West Coast Killa Beez (2011)

01 - Intro (Live From Viper Room)
02 - H-U-S-T-L-E
03 - 420 Awake The Dead
04 - Roll With Killer Bees
05 - Arithmetic
06 - Chamber Music
07 - Yellow Jackets Ft. Ace
08 - Cream & Crime (Spaceman Ft. Joose)
09 - One Girl
10 - The Streets (Spaceman Ft. The Essence Chris & Joose)


  1. Anonymous15/2/12

    Yo man, thanks for all the great music - but this album is deleted and somehow I know that I really have to hear it ;DD Anyway, just to let you know its out of date.. If I find more - I will msg you.. peace man

  2. Oh, sorry man, i will re-up today!!!! ok ok if u find other dead link, just say me!!!

  3. Anonymous15/2/12

    Yeah, I did found one more so far, msged there too..
    No probz man - I'm doing a look-around thing, so I will re-check almost everything !!
    Great blog man ! THANKS !!!

  4. Anonymous6/9/12

    Any chance u can re-up this and 12 oclock zu world.
    Thx much appreciated

  5. This music is no lnger "Officialy "avail . .cpyrght reasons. .if u got it b4 we deleted the trks. .thn u got sum great music we prob will not release - 2Real (WuTangYellowJackets)

  6. This music is no lnger avail - We'll b releasng new music very soon 2Real(WuTangYellowJackets)